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Changxing Qizhimeng Knitting Co., Ltd. is China 100% Polyester DTY Yarn Manufacturers and Car Microfiber Towel Factory. Changxing Qizhimeng Knitting Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that combines industry and trade, committed to producing polyester nylon yarn, and ultrafine fiber towels, using advanced TMT machines and warp knitting machines. Based on high-quality and high-end markets, it can produce over 3000 tons of polyester yarn annually, mainly exported to dozens of countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Africa, Italy, the United Kingdom, and many other cooperative customers including bedding and clothing, Weaving mill customers, including more than 10 Fortune 500 companies, have become important suppliers of their textiles in China.


Industry Knowledge

What are the key properties and advantages of 100% polyester DTY yarn compared to other types of polyester yarn or synthetic fibers?
100% polyester DTY yarn (Draw Textured Yarn) offers several key properties and advantages compared to other types of polyester yarn and synthetic fibers, making it a popular choice in various applications. Here are some of its main characteristics:
Soft and Comfortable: DTY yarn undergoes a texturing process that imparts a crimped or bulked structure, giving it a soft and smooth feel. This makes it more comfortable against the skin, making it suitable for clothing, undergarments, and home textiles.
High Strength and Durability: Polyester, in general, is known for its high strength and durability. DTY yarn is no exception, providing excellent tensile strength, making it suitable for products that need to withstand regular wear and tear, such as sportswear, outdoor gear, and upholstery.
Wrinkle Resistance: 100% polyester DTY yarn is resistant to wrinkles, which is a desirable property for clothing and home textiles, as it reduces the need for ironing and helps maintain a neat appearance.
Quick Drying: Polyester fibers have low moisture absorption, making DTY yarn quick-drying. This property is beneficial in activewear, swimwear, and outdoor gear, where moisture management is essential.
Color Retention: Polyester DTY yarn holds dye well and offers excellent color retention, even after repeated washings. This makes it ideal for vibrant and long-lasting colored fabrics and textiles.
Shrink Resistance: 100% polyester DTY yarn is resistant to shrinkage, ensuring that finished products maintain their original size and shape even after multiple washes.
Chemical Resistance: Polyester is resistant to damage from many chemicals, making DTY yarn suitable for use in industrial applications where exposure to chemicals is a concern.
Cost-Effective: Polyester is generally more cost-effective than many other natural and synthetic fibers, making 100% polyester DTY yarn an economical choice for a wide range of products.
Versatility: DTY yarn can be produced in various deniers and filament counts, offering versatility in fabric applications. It can be used alone or blended with other fibers to achieve specific performance characteristics.
Easy Care: The durability and wrinkle resistance of 100% polyester DTY yarn make it easy to care for, as it typically requires minimal ironing and holds up well to repeated washing.
Allergen Resistant: Polyester is naturally resistant to common allergens like mold and mildew, making it a suitable choice for bedding and other home textiles.
UV Resistance: Polyester fibers have inherent UV resistance, making them suitable for outdoor applications where protection from the sun's harmful rays is important.