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Changxing Qizhimeng Knitting Co., Ltd. is China 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide DTY Semi Dull Yarn Manufacturers and Semi Dull Yarn Factory. Changxing Qizhimeng Knitting Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that combines industry and trade, committed to producing polyester nylon yarn, and ultrafine fiber towels, using advanced TMT machines and warp knitting machines. Based on high-quality and high-end markets, it can produce over 3000 tons of polyester yarn annually, mainly exported to dozens of countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea, Africa, Italy, the United Kingdom, and many other cooperative customers including bedding and clothing, Weaving mill customers, including more than 10 Fortune 500 companies, have become important suppliers of their textiles in China.


Industry Knowledge

In what applications or garments are fabrics made from "polyester polyamide yarn" commonly used, and what benefits do they offer for these uses?
Fabrics made from "polyester polyamide yarn" are commonly used in a variety of applications and garments due to the combination of properties offered by both polyester and polyamide fibers. Here are some common applications and the benefits they provide:
Sportswear and Activewear: Fabrics made from polyester polyamide yarn are popular choices for sportswear and activewear due to their moisture-wicking properties. The combination of polyester's moisture resistance and polyamide's moisture-absorbing capabilities helps keep the wearer dry and comfortable during physical activities.
Outdoor Clothing: For outdoor garments like hiking gear, jackets, and pants, the blend's durability and water-resistant characteristics make it an excellent choice. The fabric can withstand rough conditions, and its ability to repel water helps protect the wearer from light rain or moisture.
Swimwear: Fabrics made from polyester polyamide yarn are frequently used in swimwear because they are quick-drying and chlorine-resistant. These properties ensure the fabric maintains its shape and color despite exposure to pool water and sunlight.
Undergarments and Lingerie: The softness and lightweight nature of the blend make it comfortable for intimate apparel. Additionally, the fabrics have good stretch and recovery, ensuring a snug fit.
Hosiery and Socks: The combination of polyester's strength and polyamide's elasticity make the fabric durable and form-fitting, making it suitable for hosiery, tights, and socks.
Home Textiles: Fabrics made from polyester polyamide yarn are used in various home textile products like upholstery, curtains, and beddings. The blend's resilience and resistance to fading and pilling make it suitable for these applications.
Gloves: The blend's durability and abrasion resistance make it a popular choice for gloves used in various industries, including sports, gardening, and industrial work.
Luggage and Bags: Fabrics made from polyester polyamide yarn are often used in luggage and bags due to their strength, durability, and ability to resist wear and tear.
Benefits of Fabrics Made from Polyester Polyamide Yarn:
Durability: The combination of polyester and polyamide results in fabrics that are strong, resistant to abrasion, and less prone to tearing, increasing the lifespan of the garments or products.
Moisture Management: The blend's moisture-wicking and moisture-absorbing properties help keep the wearer dry and comfortable in various activities and weather conditions.
Quick-Drying: Fabrics made from this blend dry quickly, making them suitable for swimwear and outdoor clothing, where staying dry is essential.
Color Retention: Polyester's color retention properties, combined with polyamide's ability to hold dye well, result in fabrics with vibrant and long-lasting colors.
Softness and Comfort: The blend's soft and lightweight feel provides comfort, making it suitable for undergarments and activewear.
Stretch and Recovery: Fabrics made from polyester polyamide yarn have good stretch and recovery, ensuring they retain their shape and fit well.
Chlorine Resistance: The blend's resistance to chlorine makes it ideal for swimwear that is exposed to pool water regularly.